Removing hair from the body is certainly not new. The pursuit of a hair-free body may be as old as the cavemen.  The ancient Egyptians, including Cleopatra, used depilatory creams and waxed with a sticky emulsion made of oil and honey, similar to what we now call "sugaring". They did this to have a smooth and hairless body which was the standard of beauty, youth and innocence for a woman in Egypt. Later, the Greeks, who equated smooth with civilized, did it too. In the ancient Roman Empire, hair removal was an indicator of someone’s social and economic status. Wealthy women removed body hair with pumice stones, razors, tweezers and depilatory cream. In today's society where cosmetic surgery and treatments such as botox are commonplace, pain is certainly no obstacle when we deal with how we look and feel. Waxing is one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways men and women can look their best. The results are immediate and can produce a smooth, youthful appearance.

Sugar waxing is a popular form of hair removal that works in the same way traditional waxing does. A thick sugary substance similar to caramel is spread on the skin in the direction of hair growth. The sugar is only slightly warmed, causing less skin irritation, and also tends to stick only to the hairs, not to the skin, causing less discomfort. The hair becomes embedded in the caramel. A cloth or muslin disposable strip is patted onto the caramel and then pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out of the follicles. The greatest advantage of this method is the clean up. The sugar substance is water-soluble and can be removed easily by rinsing with water.

So, come and enjoy a full body waxing experience, including bikini and brazilian, done with home made sugar wax. This wax is 100% natural without any preservatives and is ideal for all types of skin. It cleans off easily with water and is a great way to remove unwanted hairs while exfoliating your skin at the same time.

It's time to pamper yourself!


Starting at

Half legs (lower)          $35.00
Half legs (upper)  $40.00
Full legs    $65.00
Half arms  $30.00
Full arms   $40.00
Underarms   $25.00
Bikini line $30.00
Brazilian $60.00
Back wax $45.00
Sideburns   $13.00
Cheeks    $20.00
Upperlip wax  $13.00
Forehead wax  $15.00
Chin wax $15.00
Nipples $10.00
Tummy Wax$30.00
Neck Wax$20.00
Full face wax (except eyebrows)  $55.00
Full face wax (with eyebrow threading)  $70.00